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Are you thinking of selling your home, the best piece of advice we can give you is to listen to your REALTOR®.   You have an important decision when selling your home.  Agent selection, who will you choose to represent you?  Did you know, your REALTOR® has a fiduciary duty to support you in selling your home with the best possible terms, and to assist your through the entire process.  At J-N-J Real Estate Services, Inc. our REALTOR® will walk you thru the process of selling your home and will familiarize you with the requirements, documents and procedures that you will experience throughout the transaction.


J-N-J Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full service real estate firm based out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We specialize in Sales , Leasing and Property Management.  We have over 30 years of combined experience.  Utilizing our established relationships we service our clients with professionalism, while ensuring that all their needs are met. We started J-N-J Real Estate Services, Inc. with the intent of providing our clients with more than the average level of service. We want to assist our clients in "UNDERSTANDING" the Real Estate Transaction they are entering into. So ask us!


What we will do to sell your property.  We know that over 90% of all homebuyers use the Internet first to find their next home, with this knowledge we focus on web marketing.  We also utilize our extensive industry network and marketing system which includes Social Media to market your home to the greatest number of potential buyers.  Your property will be featured on the local and statewide REALTOR® MLS as well as on our syndicated partners sites.  We will install a yard sign, create and distribute flyers, hold Open Houses (if you desire) and follow up with all interested parties.  We will continuously market your property. 


We are professional REALTOR® and as a REALTOR® we are pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. We believe that knowledge is gained through practice and experience.  We pride ourselves on my knowledge of our local real estate market.  We will take the time to listen to our clients to help us better understand how we can best help you (our clients) achieve your goals.  Our experience has allowed us to not only to meet, but supersede our clients expectations in dealing with their unique real estate needs.  We will remain focused on your needs, and will work to help you realize your dreams as if they were our own.


We will convey to you our commitment.  It is with pleasure we provide to you our personal professional service and our fiduciary duty of utmost care.  You can feel confident in that we will provide to you our good faith, integrity, honesty, loyalty, aid and advice in the monitoring, negotiating, closing and settling of your property and that I will always perform for the sole benefit and interests of you the seller with loyalty to your interest.

You love your home; you love every little nuance, every nook and every cranny.  As a home seller, make sure your REALTOR® knows what you love about your home.  Your REALTOR® can market your property more effectively and let prospective buyers in on the special facets that make your house a home.  

Home Selling Tips

When setting a price for your property, there are many things to consider. 


Is your home a non-distressed sale or equity sale.   A non-distressed sale or equity sale is a real estate sale in which the seller has equity in their property and where there is no actual imminent requirement to sell. 

Could your home be considered a distressed sale?  A distressed sale is the sale of real property under circumstances creating urgency on the part of the seller, such as vacancy, impending foreclosure, divorce, relocation to another city, or any other such pressure. 


Another important consideration is Activity vs. Timing, when a property is initially listed it will generate a high level of interest from potential buyers. It is important to be priced correctly in the beginning as to generate the highest level of interest from prospective buyers.

Buyers look at many homes before making an offer on any one property. This puts the buyer in a position of having a good overview of the comparable properties offered in our current market.  Potential buyers will compare your property against the other properties they have viewed.  Buyers must feel they are getting good value for their money.

Setting the price

When we set your listing price it must strike a balance between the seller’s (your) need to achieve the best-possible return in the desired time period and the buyer’s need to get good value. With years of experience as a professional REALTOR® we can help you set a price that will accomplish both objectives.

True Value

The true value of your property will be determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for it at the time when you desire to sell it. 


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What our clients are saying  

John is an outstanding realtor. He goes above and beyond in finding clients that I have referred to him a great deal on a home. If you are looking for someone that you can trust to get the job done right, John Johnson is your best choice!


~ Corey

Its been great. I'm looking forward in Johns help in the future.


~ Crmxr

I had a wonderful experience having him as our realtor. My sister and I looked for a home for almost 1 years and gave it a break and started again after a year and both times he was helpful and knowledgeable which is what I wanted. I was searching for our 1st home and we found it with all his help. John was so knowledgeable and answered our million questions we had and if he didn't know a answer he made sure he would research it so we would have the answer. I would truly recommend him anytime. One thing I can say he would always return our calls and was always there when we needed him. When I am ready for my next home for sure he will be hired.


~ Sylvia T

From the start of our first home buying experience, John was patient and made us (myself and my wife) feel completely comfortable. He was thorough about answering any and every question we had (which was about a million) throughout the whole process. We had a rough experience with a previous real estate agent so to come across John was truly a blessing. He would respond immediately to any email or text that was sent his way and he was always giving us a heads up on houses that were available in our area. John was professional at all times yet you get to know him very well by his great personality. Overall, I would recommend John (which I do every chance I get) to anyone and everyone who is seriously ready to buy their home. Unlike other real estate agents I have come across, John means business and he will do everything he can to get you into the home you are looking for. It's been four years since John helped us buy our house and we can't thank him enough for all his hard work. Thanks


~ Anthony G

I have worked with John on many home purchases. He is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated when it comes to looking out for his client interest. John his a AAA realtor and I would recommend him to all looking to buy or sell a home.


~ Ken T

John was fantastic to work with. He helped us stay calm in the very stressful situation of having to buy a home in a tough market. Would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home. Thanks again John!!!


~ Doug

John has been my Property Manager for my rental Property in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca since April 2012. He also helped me find a good tenant. With his expertise he is able to solve any issues with the tenant. I am very satisfied with his services and recommend all people use his Property management services.


~ Kwen

John was on the ball as soon as he began working with us. Everything was finalized pretty fast and we will definitely be working with him in the future. He's a straight up guy, and tells you exactly what you are dealing with. Was a pleasure working with him, and I guarantee it will be in the future.


~ Chris V

John was our property manager and he was always professional and a great person to interface with as a tenant. Based on my experience with John, I would highly recommend him for any real estate transactions and property management functions.


~ Ted M

John is a wonderful realtor. He's thorough, knowledgeable and honest. He always goes above and beyond. He'll tell it to you straight and was very patient with this picky buyer. I've recommended him to all my friends and family, everyone is always very pleased with his level of service.


~ Claudia

John is very professional. He knows what he is doing and is always on top of things. He's a great guy to have in your corner and I highly recommend his services.


~ Nguza

John is as Honest as the day is long. Very knowledgeable, courteous, really goes out of his way to help. Very unusual today to find someone like this young man. Would recommend him highly to family and friends.


~ Dott

We used J N J real estate to sell are home. It did not take long for john to find a buyer for are house, and we got are asking price, he really knows his stuff. 6 month before we called john ,we signed up with a big name real estate company called century 21. The agent did nothing for us, they wasted are time and money. Were glad we found john, he is the best


~ B Piper

I am so grateful for all the help that John has given our family. I have to admit, we were not easy to work with. But John was very patient and always there for us. He took the time to answer every concern that we had. It took six long months that included two Saturdays a month of showing us homes for us to finally find our dream home. Seriously, who does that? I highly recommend John Johnson. He went above and beyond what any realtor would have done.


~ Der Carenzo

have known john for many years, he is a professional, does great work helping all clients and friends with his many years of experience..


~ Burt

John proved himself to be professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. We were able to find a tenant with a solid income and credit score. He helped me handle all the paper work. Although I live in Northern California, the distance did not impact the tenant search as he kept me informed throughout the process. He did all the tenant screening and met with them as needed. John took numerous photographs that became handy as I dealt with the prior tenant's minor damages and had a record of the condition of the apartment for the next tenant. He helped me find a repairman and cleaner to deal with some minor issues.


~ Paul C

John helped make this an easy experience, on a normally perceived scary life landmark. He had listings pulled in advance and drove my wife to look at houses, while I was at work. When we found the home for us, he walked us thru the process until we were home owners. Great experience. If I need to do this again in the future, John will be choice.


~ Richard

John is a very friendly person, easy to work with, easy to talk to. He is the type of person that I would want to work with any time.


~ Mary J

This realtor made many commutes to the site of the home to assure my wife would receive every benefit. He made sure all participants played the game with unmarked cards. He made himself available via email and telephone and kept us informed of each step of the process. He provided copies of each document, which in and of itself was a herculean task. From an educated guess, the documents consisted of about 1/2 ream of paper. Neither my wife nor I have any need to look back and wonder whether the job could have been done better.


~ Arthur P

I have known John for probably 20 years now. He worked with me as a Wholesale Account Executive, then went on to own his own shop. In all my years in this industry, I have never met a more honest person with the utmost integrity. He always go above and beyond to provide excellent service to his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and always completes his assignments. I would highly recomment John and his company! Anyone who has the privilege to work with him will find themselves in excellent hands!


~ Diane J

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